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What's New!!!

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  • Artie Langston's CD recording, "Triumvirate" featuring Tony Horowitz on trumpet, and Bobby Schiff on piano, is finished and will be available soon! Recorded at Digitrax Recording Studio (, in Branson, MO, and engineered by Gary Smith, the new CD is getting great reviews internationally. You can learn more about "Triumvirate" and order it here!

  • Artie is the bassist on First Day Of Spring by violinist Sebastian Campesi. Combine Italian and Gypsy folk traditions, an impeccable classical background, sixty years of playing jazz -- and you have Sebastian. Also featured are Wynton Marsalis drummer Herlin Riley, and special guest artist, fiddler Johnny Gimble. You can get it on Catfish Jazz here.

  • Artie's new method book, Jazz and Swing Bass Fundamentals volumes one and two are finished and will be published soon. Check back for details.

Now that you've seen what's new, you can find out a little more about Artie Langston and his musical career, view his resume, or send him E-Mail by clicking the buttons at left (you can also send Artie E-Mail at: Also provided are links to some informative and interesting music sites. Thanks for stopping by!